Honey, You Should See Me In a Crown

Hello, I am England's only consulting Criminal, and archenemy to the ever so popular Sherlock Holmes. I take odd jobs when I have time away from watching my toy squirm, contact can be made by means of the boxes below this description, but if you waste my time, I will burn you. You have been warned,

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[This is an independent RP of BBC's Jim Moriarty, and will RP with pretty much anyone. Some content may be unsuitable for minors. Ye have been warrrned] --- I also claim no rights or ownership to the information, characters, story themes or the BBC ( thanks new tumblr rules...)

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Why is it that evil villains always find poison to inject into their victims like just literally fill the syringe with air and just stick the needle between their toes or something. It’ll mimic a heart attack and the victim will die pretty quick and NO ONE WILL ASK MANY QUESTIONS BECAUSE IT’LL LOOK LIKE A HEART ATTACK

first of all how do you know this information i feel like the government doesnt want you to know that


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“i feel blessed by the friendships i’ve made through rping they’ve all changed my life for the better.”
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Reblog if you are legitimately shocked by the number of followers you have.

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notyouraveragesecretary sent: Wanna taste?

"To what are you referring ?" He smirked

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Smut Sentence Starters


★ This cock isn’t going to suck itself, you know?

★ Can you hand me a towel? I’m a little wet.

★ You want to have sex here? What if someone catches us?

★ Let me show you why we should stay in bed.

★ I see you started without me.

★ It seems I forgot to wear any underwear tonight.

★ Hate me all you want. You can’t deny how good the sex is.

★ Wanna taste?

★ You look tense. Let me help you relax.

★ Less talking. More fucking.

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/ someone tell me what I should draw? I want to draw… But idk what. Help. Suggestions plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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// annnd now I feel like vomiting again . wtf body.

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// Eric northman is my sexuality
Alcide is my sexuality
Alcide growling shirtless is my sexuality.

Jesus Christ this show.
I just can’t anymore.

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The person I reblogged this from has a quality blog and I recommend you all follow them

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Tonight || Lev and James





"Because…we both share that same intelligence." Lev answered, moving to brush fingers over the other’s member.

Jim gasped softly, biting his lower lip and only nodding in agreement to the others statement.

Lev grinned and moved to stroke him once strong and teasingly.

His hips bucked upward into his hand, but a disappointed groan quickly escaped his lips. ” don’t be a tease.” He whined.

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